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Hanna is a Chicago-born and raised artist. After graduating high school in 2004, Hanna joined River North Dance Chicago. Spending 12 years here, Hanna toured the world performing, eventually becoming rehearsal director and also getting her first break as a professional choreographer.

Following RNDC, Hanna then joined Visceral Dance Chicago, where she continued to
dance for two more seasons. 

Now you can find her touring the world teaching her unique blend of Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary styles. Setting works from Television commercials, Professional dance companies, Dance Teams, and national champion dance studios, Hanna loves to create and share! She is also currently on faculty with the Dance Makers Convention teaching ballet.

Hanna Elisabeth continues to expand to more. Now having created and founded the
Company BalleX. A dancer-crosstraining online fitness studio. Bringing her technique and athleticism into a fitness format, this program offers ballet and physical therapy forward workouts to create stronger dancers, for longer careers.

Recognition for her craft has been shared in Dance Magazine multiple times, along with a Princess Grace Dancer Nominee and Choreographic Nominee.

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